Welcome to Rexus, what is Rexus? Rexus is an Information and Communications technology (ICT) Consulting Services company, based on the key principle goal “Happiness”. We at Rexus believe to have a successful relationship it’s important to create a positive, motivating and a respectful work relation for our customers and employees. Thus our focus is employee satisfaction which in turn we believe will double the customer satisfaction.


Rexus tries to spread happiness As a popular saying goes :
  • To spread happiness, serve the needy by our work and employment.
  • Serve our customers with utmost will, quality and commitment.
  • Create satisfactory employment opportunities across the world for talented peoples.

Our People & Values

Rexus core value is honesty & transparency. Rexus believes in doing business the most ethical way possible and Rexus values its ecosystem of partners, clients and employees with complete respect and just.