SDN Service

The Internet has led to the creation of a digital society, where (almost) everything is connected and is accessible from anywhere. However, despite their widespread adoption, traditional IP networks are complex and very hard to manage. It is both difficult to configure the network according to predefined policies and to reconfigure it to respond to faults, load, and changes. To make matters even more difficult, current networks are also vertically integrated: the control and data planes are bundled together.

We provide Software-defined networking (SDN) which is an emerging paradigm that promises to change this state of affairs,promoting (logical) centralization of network control, and introducing the ability to program the network. Breaking vertical integration, separating the network’s control logic from the underlying routers and switches.

IT Automation Service

Rexus-group provides IT automation that use the instructions to create a repeated process that replaces an IT professional’s manual work in data centers and cloud deployments. Software tools, frameworks, and appliances conduct the tasks with minimum administrator intervention. The scope of IT automation ranges from single actions to discrete sequences and, ultimately, to an autonomous IT deployment that takes actions based on user behavior and other event triggers. IT automation services offered by us empowers your business growth by reducing your IT infrastructure and labor cost.

IT automation’s benefits include faster cloud and data center operations; reduced errors and variations from one implementation of atask to next; and enhanced security and governance.

Artificial Intelligence Service

Rexus-group helps different organizations with developing a range of AI solutions that learn and think like humans using Deep learning and Machine Learning feature. These processes include learning, reasoning, and self-correction. We provide artificial intelligence services using cognitive technology with any of your current and future business modules, solutions or third-party applications across industries. The AI solutions offered by us helps the companies to improve the customer experience, boost employee performance, automate work processes, and develop intelligent agents to help with a lot of repetitive business processes